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Re: Mellotron -

Title: Re: Mellotron -
At 12:35 AM -0700 10/30/04, samba * wrote:

Alot of people assert that everyone who that got their hands on a tape machine in the early 60s looped it,but there is pretty clear evidence showing that a single person invented it ,and that further developments spread from the RadioTelevision France where he worked ,and had the first multitrack tape machines.

Louis and Bebe Barron were looping with tape in the late 1940s. They came upon the technique independently, though they were in correspondence with Schaeffer later on.

Terry Riley and Jon Hassell both "invented" looping for themselves in the late 1950s. The RTF engineer who worked with Terry was responsible for the dual-deck technique that Terry then dubbed the "time-lag accumulator." This was later adopted by Brian Eno (among many others) and re-named "Frippertronics" by Robert Fripp.

Any discussion of specialized loop players should also include the work of Hugh LeCaine, who invented several such instruments in the 1950s and 1960s.

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