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Re: Mellotron -

At 10:39 AM +0200 10/30/04, wavecomputer360 wrote:

>Out of this fashion of chopping up tapes Donald Buchla devised his
>first sequencer which allowed the performer to repeat certain patterns
>electronically, both on a sound-generating and sound-controlling level.

This is exactly what Don said in a panel 
discussion last Friday in San Francisco. Although 
later users commonly used sequencers to create 
ostinato patterns, the original idea for Don's 
sequencer was merely to eliminate the necessity 
of doing tape splicing.

>The Mellotron idea originated in the garage of 
>Harry Chamberlinīs, an American inventor

There was a Chamberlin at the San Francisco Tape 
Music Center in the early 1960s. Ramon Sender 
replaced the standard tapes with his own sounds, 
so in a sense he could be credited with the 
introduction of user sampling (as opposed to 
playing factory presets).


Richard Zvonar, PhD
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