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RE: Mellotron -

Title: RE: Mellotron -
At 6:17 PM +0200 10/30/04, Michael Peters wrote:

it really _was_ an anonymous engineer who came up with the delay system for
2 tape recorders. This is what Pauline Oliveros told me when I asked her a
couple of years ago, and this is what Terry Riley wrote to me when I asked
Here's what Terry wrote:

I talked to Pauline, Ramon, and Terry about this a when preparing my looping history presentation for the Y2K2 Loopfest. As I recall, Pauline said she got the two-machine idea from Ramon, who in turn got it from Terry. However, there was a little fuzziness about dates. Here's what Ramon had to say:

If Pauline is referring to feeding one tape through two Wollensaks,
the first on record and the second on playback, this set-up was first
demonstrated to me by Terry Riley who I think said that he and
Lamont Young used it during a dance performance of Anna Halperin's
troupe during the period they were the composers involved with her.
I then used it for a 'piano canon' performance during a Sonics Concert,
if I recall correctly. We're talking the fall-spring of 1961-62?
Terry dates the technique to 1963, Ramon to some years earlier.

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