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Re: Mellotron -

Title: Re: Mellotron -
At 11:26 AM -0500 11/2/04, David Beardsley wrote:

Jon Hassell? I didn't think he used electronic equipment
until the '70s and when he started doing it with Eno, he was
using a sampler.

Here's what Jon wrote to me:

While doing my time in the Army Band in DC (post-MM Eastman, working on PhD musicology at Catholic University), I used to make loops of chopped up bits of sustained chords at end of songs by the Hi-Lo's (hip harmony vocal group) and play them permutating against one another on 2 machines. Wound in tape score for Louis Tupler dance group.

After 2-3 years in Cologne with Stockhausen, etc. was at SUNY Buffalo (Creative Fellowship) where I met Terry Riley (see In C recording) and played with him in some late night concerts (unless told otherwise, I do believe that I laid down the first bass line on a Moog in live performance?) and of course saw the 2 Revox delay system that he was using. Did a piece in Carnegie Recital Hall Series called "Goodbye Music" using essentially the same system playing a zither into big floaty chords which were erasing the previous performance.

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