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RE: Mellotron -

At 9:01 AM +0100 11/4/04, Bernhard Wagner wrote:
>Just yesterday I picked up a book from the library:
>Francis Preve: "Power Tools: Software for Loop Music", Backbeat Books; 
>& CD edition (August 1, 2004)
>While this book is mostly about prerecorded loops and how to use them to
>create your own music, it has a very informative intro, which fortunately 
>part of the online excerpt:

Very good. That he focuses on prerecorded loops is interesting to me, 
since it naturally deals with questions about quotation and 
appropriation. I might dispute his focus on Stravinsky as the first 
significant sampling artists, since this practice was well 
established during the Baroque and earlier (parody mass, quodlibet, 

Richard Zvonar, PhD
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