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Per Boysen's 'Organisational Culture Loops'

When you make a purchase through CD Baby, they send
you an email asking if you received your order, and
requesting feedback on the CD.

Here's the text of what I just posted about
'Organisational Culture Loops', the newly-released
collaboration between listmember Per Boysen and
speaker David Cowley:

     "The problem with many spoken-word recordings is
that once you've heard them a couple of times, your
desire to hear them again goes away. 'Organisational
Culture Loops' is different. In fact, I'm finding that
it's growing on me with repeated listening. I
attribute this to the way in which
producer/looper/guitarist/saxophonist Per Boysen has
chosen to treat David Cowley's voice as a musical
instrument, while still allowing it to follow the
natural rhythms and cadences of human speech.
'Organisational Culture Loops' avoids the extremes of
either chopping up the flow of the language to fit the
music or of making the music subservient to what could
have otherwise been a stand-alone monologue, a middle
ground many artists working in this area have been
unable to remain within. The result is a compelling
listening experience in which the voice and the
instruments support and nourish each other

    On my first listen, I felt that the voice was
perhaps a bit too prominent in the mix, but
interestingly, once it had drawn me in, I found my
opinion had changed; I'm not sure if that was an
intentional psychoacoustic technique or a happy
accident but in any case, it works. 

    Three of the eleven tracks are instrumentals which
make me wish to hear more of Boysen's solo work.

    Highly recommended!"


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