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Re: Oral Looping History transcribed (was Mellotron)

Title: Re: Oral Looping History transcribed (was Mellotron)
At 6:21 PM -0800 11/3/04, Rick Walker wrote:

This information and your access to the principles because of all of your life's work
makes me wonder whether you would consider writing and publishing a definitive history
of Looping as a musical technique.

I might undertake such a project on a smaller scale, but a book-length project is beyond my ambition. If there were a solid publishing deal, with money and a decent editor, it might be more attractive but I wouldn't do it on spec.

What might make sense would be a collection of articles including an historical introduction, profiles of noted looping artists, and a technical section with discussions of hardware and software and with theoretical and procedural discussion of different approaches and techniques of looping.


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