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Re: Looping Inspiration

I've played a jillion coffeehouses and I've yet to encounter anyone who 
tells me they're bothered by spending a few minutes building up the bed of 
looped tune.  Coffeehouse audiences don't really pay close attention to 
what you're doing--they're reading, surfing, talking to a friend, staring 
out the window, etc.  The people who do pay close attention to you are 
more than likely going to be interested in watching the layering process 
(look for the dudes with glasses who start stroking their chins...).  I 
frequently stretch out something like "Sailing" (most well-known as the 
Rod Stewart hit from the 70's) for ten or fifteen minutes and I've never 
heard anything other than positive feedback from the audience.  

Now, if it's just not your bag to do all that in front of the audience, 
then don't, but I wouldn't assume that the other people in the room are 
going to object.


>Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 04:12:15 -0800
>From: "Jonathan" <jonathan@kelloggcreek.com>
>To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
>Subject: Looping Inspiration

>   Hi Everybody,
>    I've been working on a solo instrumental looping show for 
>doing a bass / guitar thing.  One of the challenges I've had is finding 
>material to cover.  I'm using a Boomerang, so it's hard to find songs that
>have a structure that fits with the 'Rang, that also works in an
>instrumental, jazzy setting.
>    I can do some traditional jazz tunes, but a lot of them have 16 bar
>forms (or longer) and that's a lot of dead space when you're looping a
>bassline, then chords, THEN getting to the actual melody!  I've done some
>simple tunes people know, since I think that's really important.  Stuff 
>My Girl, Imagine, What You Won't Do For Love, etc.
>    I'm just wondering how you all find songs that fit the looping 
>you're doing, or what you look for in a song to see if it's "loop worthy".
>   Thanks!
>    -Jonathan
>    http://www.badspatula.com