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EDP gone nuts

 Well, not exactly, but heres the deal:
Oberheim EDP, w/LoopIV, full memory, and I did that 'overheat' mod years
ago. With output, mix, feedback up all the way, and input @ 9:00, I have to
boost the output about 6dBs on my mixer to reach unity gain. It wasn't
always like this (had it since '96 or so). If I increase the input any 
I get distortion, so it is already receiving the hottest signal it can (and
the same signal it had been getting all these years). So, with all the 
being the same as they have always been, and the connections and equipment
always being the same (I did try some different mixers and some other 
to input)...what went horribly wrong?

Dave Eichenberger