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Re: Looping Inspiration

Hi Jonathan,
I've had fun covering Dark Star,Maggot Brain,Little Wing,Pachabels 
Canon,Some other Blues,Mr. PC.,A Love 
Supreme,Footprints.Continuum-kuru-3rd Sone from the Sun,All 
Blues,1983,After the Goldrush, and Blue in Green in a somewhat jazzy 
fashion on frettless bass , looping..
I think it's fine to have space while you lay down a walking bass or 
chord structure. Just because you can loop doesn't mean you're 
obligated too.Try to find musical content that you love enough to stay 
interested in all aspects of performing.
Scott Kungha Drengsen

On Thursday, November 4, 2004, at 04:12 AM, Jonathan wrote:

>     Hi Everybody,
>     I've been working on a solo instrumental looping show for 
> coffeehouses,
> doing a bass / guitar thing.  One of the challenges I've had is 
> finding good
> material to cover.  I'm using a Boomerang, so it's hard to find songs 
> that
> have a structure that fits with the 'Rang, that also works in an
> instrumental, jazzy setting.
>     I can do some traditional jazz tunes, but a lot of them have 16 bar
> forms (or longer) and that's a lot of dead space when you're looping a
> bassline, then chords, THEN getting to the actual melody!  I've done 
> some
> simple tunes people know, since I think that's really important.  
> Stuff like
> My Girl, Imagine, What You Won't Do For Love, etc.
>     I'm just wondering how you all find songs that fit the looping 
> situation
> you're doing, or what you look for in a song to see if it's "loop 
> worthy".
>     Thanks!
>     -Jonathan
>     http://www.badspatula.com