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Re: Looping Inspiration

~MAGGOTBRAIN~ thee heaviest tune i cover. that tune was definitelee created
w/ looping in mind. thanx to george clinton and parliament/funkadelic and
their great guitarist eddie hazel :-)
is there anywhere i could hear your version, scott?

> Hi Jonathan,
> I've had fun covering Dark Star,Maggot Brain,...

> Scott Kungha Drengsen
> On Thursday, November 4, 2004, at 04:12 AM, Jonathan wrote:
>> Hi Everybody,
>> I've been working on a solo instrumental looping show for
>> coffeehouses,
>> doing a bass / guitar thing.  One of the challenges I've had is
>> finding good
>> material to cover.  I'm using a Boomerang, so it's hard to find songs
>> that
>> have a structure that fits with the 'Rang, that also works in an
>> instrumental, jazzy setting.
>> I can do some traditional jazz tunes, but a lot of them have 16 bar
>> forms (or longer) and that's a lot of dead space when you're looping a
>> bassline, then chords, THEN getting to the actual melody!  I've done
>> some
>> simple tunes people know, since I think that's really important.
>> Stuff like
>> My Girl, Imagine, What You Won't Do For Love, etc.
>> I'm just wondering how you all find songs that fit the looping
>> situation
>> you're doing, or what you look for in a song to see if it's "loop
>> worthy".
>> Thanks!
>> -Jonathan
>> http://www.badspatula.com