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RE: 30 Minutes of Live Looping Videos! (new links)

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Thanks, Alan!  It makes me very happy when someone is inspired by my work.
You hit the nail on the head about a looping technique I like to use.  I enjoy the use of non-meter and non-diatonic phrases as a base or superimposed over meter and diatonic based phrases.  For example, rather than starting with short phrases in a time signature or key, I like to use longer, more  obscure phrases, and then build on them, as you say below. It's like building a cake or house from the top down, as often I don't add some bass groove until the end tie everything together. It allows the complete song to sneak up on people as it progresses....including myself!  I am also intrigued with polyrhythm.  For example, I find that toward the end of a song, two completely unrelated phrases start to sound like they are a part of a common system. The ear become accustomed to hearing two unrelated time signatures (or lack thereof) and keys and starts to reconcile them into a unified whole.  Is this like Gestalt music? :) Hmmmmm.  I agree, the EDP is a dream come true for me.
So you play the fiddle? I wish I could find a violin/fiddle or cello looper here in Boise. 
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From: Alan Kroeger [mailto:nospam@akroeger.com]
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Subject: RE: 30 Minutes of Live Looping Videos! (new links)

Ah really nice it is good to see more topics of a musical nature concerning looping and the usage of looping in composition and compositional techniques. It also nice to hear some really intersting and creative music too. I definately was struck by your usage of beginning a piece with a sparsely populated loop that builds and the later modulates in different direction adding and removing elements in a nicely organized musical fashion. I myself (mere begining fiddler previously longtime guitarist) have been dwelling in the short loop with injections technique (partly ambient with glitchy rhythmic base) for a while after listening to this I was inspired to go back and examine the usage of a similar technique naturally by nature I lean to the rhythmic style.I suppose a combination technique is posssible to achieve of both short base loop with insertions and long sparse base loop is what I will explore next. EDP is an amazing compositional tool ain't it ;D
Thanks for letting us see your (to me) inspirational work.

From: Krispen Hartung [mailto:info@krispenhartung.com]
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Subject: RE: 30 Minutes of Live Looping Videos! (new links)

Sorry everyone...I accidentally deleted all of my live looping videos on ZeD and had to upload them again, which changed the URLs. New links below.
Alice in Cyberspace
Off-Centered Blue


Krispen Hartung

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From: Krispen Hartung [mailto:info@krispenhartung.com]
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Subject: 30 Minutes of Live Looping Videos!

Hello all -

Finally!!! I have some live looping videos to share.  :)  On September 28, a producer at a local public access TV station shot me looping live in their studio.  My 30 minute performance (4 songs) will be aired on the station for a program called "Boise City Limits".  After hours and hours of tedious and agonizing S-VHS to DVD to .MPG to .WMV video conversion, and from 2.5 Gigabytes down to 45 MB, I now have the four songs available on the Zed:

Note: If you can't click on the URLs below, or if they are broken with a carriage return, you may have to copy them end to end into your browser.

Song Title: Quiddity
URL: http://zed.cbc.ca/action.ZeD?POS=22&action=watch&CONTENT_ID=188100&type=acquisitionCMS&FILTER_KEY=228702
Notes: A variation of a song I improvised for my next CD, "1/6"; sort of menacing and dark; the producer was obviously fascinated by my stereo EDPs, because at about 2:18 the camera pans in on both of them, and you can see the digits cruising and the functions changing.

Song Title: Alice in Cyberspace
URL: http://zed.cbc.ca/action.ZeD?POS=24&action=watch&CONTENT_ID=188107&type=acquisitionCMS&FILTER_KEY=228702
Notes: Spontaneously composed on the spot in the TV studio; weird and abstract, but my favorite; for you jazzers out there, see if you can recognize two of the melody quotes about 6:15 minutes into the song, one of which I used to title the song; remember those intense, finger stretch jazz chords I shared with the group a few weeks ago? I'm using some of those starting at 5:27

Song Title: Off-Centered Blue
URL: http://zed.cbc.ca/action.ZeD?POS=23&action=watch&CONTENT_ID=188102&type=acquisitionCMS&FILTER_KEY=228702
Notes: Spontaneously composed on the spot in the TV studio; I have an infatuation with the concept of blue, hence the title of this song and one of songs on my prior CD, "Impossible Shade of Blue"; the producer also added a blue shade of light on me while I was playing

Song Title: Slipstream
URL: http://zed.cbc.ca/action.ZeD?POS=24&action=watch&CONTENT_ID=188096&type=acquisitionCMS&FILTER_KEY=228702
Notes: A variation of an improvised song played live at a local festival; the more melodic of the four songs

All in all, they did a fairly decent job on the videos, surprisingly so because in addition to one full-time seasoned camera man, there were two newbie film students who had very little experience with the equipment. The producer was able to adapt to this in the studio by giving them instructions over their headsets and switching camera inputs as they came into his master recorder.  The cool thing is that the TV station did all this for me for NO CHARGE, and as a result I have a nice promotional DVD.  Can't complain about this!!!


Krispen Hartung