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RE: 30 Minutes of Live Looping Videos! (new links)

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Keep it coming such things are bound to inspire even more conversation on the topic of creating intersting music through the usage of a looping tools. Too often the discussion here become about toy acquisition and gas syndrome and still that is useful and important too. If it didn't exist I wouldn't know about the existance and usage of new compositional tools. If I were a better fiddler I might have some of my recorded exploits up but, I conciously deceided to take on the double edged sword of learning to use a new musical tool (an instrument unto itself) and an instrument that doesn't lend itself to being learned too quickly but, perhaps my intended goals and fussiness about the quality of my fiddling have hindered or slowed me from persuing the ultimate goal which is making music? I think I try to gravitate towards the compositional aspects available with this tool and stop worrying as much about being a better fiddler after all to me the reason for getting an EDP was about self accompaniment with a tool the does much more than just that.

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Thanks, Alan!  It makes me very happy when someone is inspired by my work.
You hit the nail on the head about a looping technique I like to use.  I enjoy the use of non-meter and non-diatonic phrases as a base or superimposed over meter and diatonic based phrases.  For example, rather than starting with short phrases in a time signature or key, I like to use longer, more  obscure phrases, and then build on them, as you say below. It's like building a cake or house from the top down, as often I don't add some bass groove until the end tie everything together. It allows the complete song to sneak up on people as it progresses....including myself!  I am also intrigued with polyrhythm.  For example, I find that toward the end of a song, two completely unrelated phrases start to sound like they are a part of a common system. The ear become accustomed to hearing two unrelated time signatures (or lack thereof) and keys and starts to reconcile them into a unified whole.  Is this like Gestalt music? :) Hmmmmm.  I agree, the EDP is a dream come true for me.
So you play the fiddle? I wish I could find a violin/fiddle or cello looper here in Boise.