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EDP manual

My two cents regarding the EDP manual. It's great for what it does. But it 
would be awfully nice to have some sort of a tutorial. 

Most units for sale on eBay are accompanied by some kind of comment by the 
seller that they didn't have the time to learn how to use it, or that it 
was too complicated. If there was some kind of tutorial to help people get 
beyond the record and overdub buttons, I think more people would hang onto 
their units, thus forcing eBay buyers to buy new ones. Which in my opinion 
would have a positive effect on user satisfaction and sales considerably.

Right now it seems that the EDP is primarily a tool for the very 
intelligent esoteric musicians, who play to "crowds" of 10 to 15 
like-minded people. A tutorial for the rest of us would get (or perhaps 
keep) the EDP into the hands of people who play the fun stuff for bigger 

Just  my $.02.