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RE: EDP manual

Well I hope no one thought that I was diminishing the contributions of all
the other loopers who add to the sum total of that which we commonly refer
to as Looping including the non EDP loopers who contribute to the looping
genre (if such a thing actually exists) There is no true cookie cutter
approach that will make anyone a direct clone of anyone else or an instant
looper I also believe that most of us involved prefer to be unique and
present our own vision of what looping music is. I might have made multiple
suggestions about using Andre's page as a tutorial and that would be 
it is likely one of the oldest tutorial like resources that I know of. I
also don't see looping as Andre, Andre and Andre regardless of how many
times I might have recommended his anaysis page. I have aquired many ideas
and thoughts on the howto of looping from all here who have contributed to
the art of looping and there are many approaches. Beyond that there are 
musical styles that contributed to the looping genre. Some here have a
sampling approach many use a self accompaniment approach and others have 
another approach listing them all would be impossible. So, perhaps Bernard
will actually end up being the individual who creates the multiple source
multiple approach tutorial. Still I suppose it might be useful if there was
a true tutorial for the EDP the device does require an investment in ones
own time but, I found that even after one day of ownership I could do quite
a bit just by a hit and miss / trial and error approach. It was sometime
after that I dug into the manual and signed up for the list to start
expanding on my usage of the EDP.

So, to the many contributors to the Art Of Looping I take my hat off and 
let us continue to promote and expand the musical form so many of us love
and lets face it everytime someone purchases a looping device expect that
someone might complain about wanting a tutorial (It's almost inevitable) ;D

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Added those to:

Thank you

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> > At 03:54 PM 11/7/2004, toejam00@mac.com wrote:
> >> My two cents regarding the EDP manual. It's great for what it does. 
> >> But it would be awfully nice to have some sort of a tutorial.
> On Nov 8, 2004, at 2:15, Kim Flint wrote:
> > I've long said that there is a great opportunity out there for 
> > experienced Loopers to offer teaching services or create tutorials 
> > and teach looping. People are obviously willing to pay. What are you 
> > waiting for?
> Here are some mp3's from last year with added "loopist notes". 
> However, I published it more for the purpose of teaching group 
> improvisation with looping devices than as an actual EDP tutorial:
> http://www.looproom.com/looptour2003/edu.php
> Again, Andre LaFosse's web site is the best "EDP tuturial" I've seen 
> so far (and I have not seen much...  ;-)
> Greetings from Sweden
> Per Boysen