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Re: EDP manual

Kim -

You're right.  After many years using the EDP, I'd still pay to take EDP
tutorial lessons from someone who I felt was a good teacher.

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> At 03:54 PM 11/7/2004, toejam00@mac.com wrote:
> >My two cents regarding the EDP manual. It's great for what it does. But
> >would be awfully nice to have some sort of a tutorial.
> I've long said that there is a great opportunity out there for 
> Loopers to offer teaching services or create tutorials and teach looping.
> People are obviously willing to pay. What are you waiting for?
> It has nothing to do with the Echoplex, that just happens to be a looping
> device that offers a more complete range of looping functions than other
> loopers. People want someone to teach them looping, not Echoplex. People
> who think they want someone to teach them Echoplex really need someone to
> teach them Looping. About the only person who seems to have gotten this 
> Andre LaFosse.
> Piano makers don't teach piano. Guitar makers don't teach guitar. Tuba
> makers don't teach tuba. I'm sure they would like to, but it is hard
> to stay on top of making the damned things. There is a whole educational
> industry devoted to teaching these instruments anyway. Why not looping?
> off your ass and go do it.
> >Right now it seems that the EDP is primarily a tool for the very
> >intelligent esoteric musicians, who play to "crowds" of 10 to 15
> >like-minded people.
> Are you saying people who play to bigger crowds are not very intelligent?
> couldn't resist. :-)
> kim
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