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RE: EDP manual

I think it was Count Basie that said:
"There is only two types of music - good music and bad music."



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--- Alan Kroeger <nospam@akroeger.com> wrote:
> Well let see we have Bluesy loopers, Jazzy Loopers,
> Rock Loopers, Modern
> Composer Loopers, Electro Loopers, Sampling Loopers,
> Looper Loopers, etc...
> while this may makes sense to us I suspect some
> portion of the available
> listening audience would just shake there head in
> disbelief that we consider
> ourselves to be doing the same thing.

To recap a discussion we've had several times before,
I'll use an analogy: Andres Segovia, Jimi Hendrix,
Django Reinhardt, Nick Drake, Johnny Ramone, Kurt
Cobain, Jerry Garcia, Charlie Christian, Shawn Lane,
Hank Williams, Michael Hedges, George Harrison... All
of them played guitars. On an internet mailing list
devoted to discussions of guitars, guitarists and
guitar playing, it would be perfectly appropriate to
discuss any of them, their instruments, their amps,
effects, strings, picks, how missing fingers affected
one's playing style, their respective influence on
musicians and the general public, and so forth. In a
very general sense, they were all "doing the same
thing", but there's no way we can even remotely
consider their music as a genre, subject to the same
stylistic definitions. There's overlap between them,
sure, but their contributions and musical styles were
far from identical.

It's the same way with looping. Yes, most of us on the
list loop, and there's a whole lot that we have in
common and can discuss, no matter what style of music
we play or what make and model of looping device we
use. But it's not a genre. There's no such thing as
"looping music" as a definite style. It's like saying
writing is the same as typing.


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