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NanoSampler Trip Hop

I thought i should announce it here,since the factory sent me the first two NANOSAMPLERS for my final OK...

I'll start with the price ; U$S 347 + shipping...that's 27 by regular certified mail from Uruguay to USA,slightly more to Europe...(i payed 29 from here to UK)
I can accept Western Union,or a transfer to my bank account if tyou have an account yourself...

Sound quality is: 8 bit with companding,same quality of my other pedals ,which have been reviewed by BMORETELE and others in HC...minimum bandwidth is 10khz ...goes up with the time/pitch pot


three footswitches:

three pots:


Four toggle switches:

2-lo-fi sound
3-double/half pitch/time
4-memory protect

max time is around one minute,loop is saved at power off...basic usage is as follows:

for recording:

1-check/bypass led must be "on"
2-the rec/play switch has an asociated bicolor led,it's green in play,and red in record...press the record footswitch once,it starts recording...press it again and what you recorded starts looping....if you want to overdub,sound on sound,press the overdub footswitch...

if you turn the pedal off by bypassing it,the loop starts playing from the beginning when you press bypass again...

For using it as a delay,you use the rec/play switch to tap the time,and the overdub footswitch must be in on mode...repeats are controlled by the feedback pot,and it self oscillates...

you can do smooth pitch shifts by turning the time/pitch pot...it also modifies the length of the loop or delay...

the lo fi switch provides a different kind of filtering,sounds really close to an analog delay...

the memory protect switch avoids recording or overdubing..

the reverse toggle switch makes your loop play backwards...if you record with the reverse engaged,it starts looping in reverse as soon as you go into play mode...overdub over a reversed loop plays forward,if you change the reverse switch position,then the direction is changed (overdubbed plays backwards,original plays forward)

I'm having a pfoto session tomorrow at the factory,an i'll update my page;also the turnaround time is now one week or less,the factory is really fast,and i can order small quantities from them (hey ! i'm the founder of that factory,it started 14 years ago,i left my part,but they are still my friends and allies now )

Thanks for reading this kind of SPAM

my creations...

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