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Re: a small sampler?

>can anyone recommend a _small_ sampler? I want to use my midified guitar 
>stage, e.g. to play organ or mellotron samples...

A friend uses the tiny Yamaha SU-10 sampler for static looping. IIRC it 
has only 4 voice polyphony and I'd guess MIDI-guitarists want 6.  It IS 
small - about the size of a VHS tape.  Maybe one of the Yamaha desktop 
samplers would work (SU200 or SU700).  Does Zoom make one?

If all you want are a few organ and mellotron sounds, look into used 1- or 
1/2-space rack synth modules or a desktop GM SoundCanvas.  I like the few 
organs and strings in my old Kurzweil Micro Piano 1/2-rack module.  
Friends like their EMU Vintage Keys or Roland or Korg modules of various 
vintages for organ and mellotron sounds.

I use the free J.P. Hovercraft mellotron samples in my AKAI S3000 sampler 
(NOT a small box) and they work OK after tweaking and cross-fading.  
That's an OK stop-gap until I get better mellotron samples from 
Propellerheads and/or Mike Pinder ($$$).

Have fun,