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Electrix (electrics) Repeater "mint" for sale

Hi all,
I'm selling a VERY clean Elecrix Repeater.
It was in a smoke free dry dust free environment,
used 3 times (powered on for maybe a total of 7 hours)
Never taken on the road, original box, USA power supply.
Works perfectly, not a scratch on it!
Comes with PDF manual (original manual may still turn up),
Original Electrix 16mb compact flash card,
OS update and new additions to manual (on CD-R).
It's a bit of a "holy grail" item,
and wanted to give my fellow "loop heads" a shot at it first.
I hate to sell it,
but I've been too busy to use it,
and I have some expenses I have to knock down.
I'm going to put it up on Ebay in a few days,
but if anyone makes a significant offer to me directly before that time,
I may sell it to them.
more info below

This unit is in great shape. It has the powersupply, the original box, CF card, and PDF manual. It also features the most recent software rev OS 1.1

Repeater is the next step in the evolution of loop-based music production. To the studio musician, it gives a power to arrange audio that was normally reserved for MIDI. Live musicians can safely sample and integrate loops into their performance with almost no learning curve. Repeater's algorithms are tailored to making the looping process simple and intuitive.

Take a deeper look into the features of Repeater by downloading the Repeater manualPDF at the Electrix website


Repeater Features...

-Loop Point Assist™ algorithm takes the tedious pre-production work away from creating the perfect loop. Loop on the fly!

-High quality pitch shifting and time stretching algorithms gives you creative control over a loops tempo and pitch. Completely change the loop's vibe with a few control tweaks.

-Intuitive interface means a short learning curve so you are having fun and being creative faster.

-Repeater has an 8-minute (40 MB) loop limit. That's larger than any other hardware, looping device.

-Repeater can have up to 999 loops with 4 tracks per loop.

-Control the level, pan, pitch and position of individual tracks.

-Independently "Slip" each track position much like you would in a software multi track application like a ProTools or Cubase.

-The overdub feature lets you build multi-layered loops on each of the 4 tracks.

-Resample lets you bounce 4 tracks to 1 or 2 and re-record effects into the loop.

-Overdub regeneration lets Repeater act like a very long delay line.

-The undo function lets you experiment, overdub, edit and record without the fear of destroying your work.

-Reverse play and record adds new creative possibilities to your work.

-"Double loop" multiplies the recorded loop allowing you to create a bed for overdubbing a longer phrase.

-The front panel trim controls allow you to easily edit the start and end points of your loop.


-Carry your performance in your pocket! Front loading Compact Flash media gives Repeater virtually unlimited memory expansion. Repeater comes bundled with a 16 MB Compact Flash card to complement the 8 MB internal memory. 24 MB means 4.5 "track" minutes.

-The largest single card available (as of this writing) is 256 MB or 49 minutes of uncompressed audio. Need more memory? Just swap cards. (read more about the Compact Flash media)

-Purchasing an optional CFC reader gives Repeater Mac and PC compatibility. A CFC reader sits on your desk and acts like a removable disk drive, treating the flash memory card like a diskette. Record loops on Repeater and transfer them via USB to your computer for integration into your recording software. (read more about the CFC reader)

File Format

Repeater records uncompressed WAV files giving you high quality audio that is compatible with other environments.

Remote Control

-Any TRS style 3-button foot controller (like a Digitech FS-300) gives foot control over play/stop, record and tap tempo.

-Repeater can be operated from a MIDI foot controller for "Hands Free" use.

-Full MIDI control also means you can sequence your loops to create complete song structures.

-MIDI keyboard control over the pitch offers real-time manipulation over the sample. Experiment with melodic variations of the loop.


-Repeater's digital out means easy integration into the digital studio environment.

-The High quality Phono Preamp makes it's easy to sample from vinyl.

-Repeater's stereo Insert lets you integrate any effects unit into your loop. Assign the insert to individual tracks, the output or the input of Repeater, all from the front panel.

-Repeater can be configured for Individual track outputs.

-Repeater's front panel instrument input and headphone output means, "plug and play" looping.