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RE: Echoplex is Broke

What is the sieral number?  Sounds like the one I just shipped back to 
them (and I wrote down the SN to make sure they sent me another new one, 
and to worn others).  The problem from what I was told is "There are many 
things that can cause this boot-up loop; memory sticks not seated 
correctly, CPU not seated correctly, or, in older units, miss-matched 
crystals. Or indeed, the failure of any number of
components internally."  These things can be fixed, but if you just got 
it, it is probably time to ship it back like I did.  I ordered a new one, 
(i.e. non-blemished, and I was afraid they would turn around and offer it 
up to some other unsuspecting soul).  Being in the same boat you are, I 
feel for you, I'm still awaiting my replacement and I ordered the thing 
over a month ago.  

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Subject: Echoplex is Broke

I just ordered a blemished echoplex from musiciansfriend and it doesn't
seem to be working right out of the box.  It turns on but after the "Loop
4" flashes by on the screen followed by "1.1" it just repeats doing that
and none of the buttons work (pedal or rack buttons).  They don't respond
at all and thus I get no looping.  I know the manual says the readout
after the startup should be a series of constant numbers "1. 25. etc.".  I
only get the repeating "Loop 4" crap and nothing works.

I tried the only reset I know of:  holding parameter down for 7 seconds
while turning the power on.  It didn't do anything.  Is there another
master reset button or is something else wrong.  I may just send it back
but I'd rather not.  Thanks ahead for any help.