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Left-handed Compliments From Offa the Wall (was: THE AMBiENT PiNG presents Anomalous Disturbances)

The exerpt of the Terry O'Brien review that describes
his sound as "long slow tone-creepings that inch
around one's living room, exhaling grey mysteries and
ominous calms" makes me wonder what sort of gems we
listmembers could offer collectively in relating ways
reviewers and audiences have described our own work.

About a year and a half ago I posted what a TV
commentator had to say about a performance I did at
Boston's Zeitgeist Gallery on a triple bill between
Jorrit Dijkstra and the duo of listmembers Michael La
Meyer and Jeff Lomas, three very different examples of
live looping. Unfortunately, he was lumping together
as an homogenous genre music made by anyone with
"boxes" (his term for our racks of looping gear), but
in general his review was favorable; he described the
music he heard that evening as analogous to juicing
fruits and vegetables so that their nutrients would
dump straight into one's bloodstream.

More recently, a Norwegian guy described my sound as
"Eivind Aarset for people who don't dance"; I can sort
of see what he means by that one, but I think the guy
who referred to my fondness for delays a while back by
calling me "a duller Edge" was just trying to be like
Oscar Wilde. At least that's what I tell myself. :)

What sorts of, um, *interesting* things have people
said about the rest of you and your looping?


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