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New CD "International Live Looping Trio" released

Hello LD,

This is new loop music CD release information.

SYNCED! / International Live Looping Trio
elecrt-ohm illt1 CDR

International Live Looping Trio:
Sunao Inami (Japan): laptop
Rick Walker (USA): found sound, percussion and electronics
Bernhard Wagner (Switzerland): guitar, effects, loops

Live recorded at the Luggage Store, San Francisco in October,7th,2004.
about 43min improvised live looping performance.

US$12 (includes worldwide shipping)
Mail order available on electr-ohm and C.U.E.records site.
English and Japanese page available.
Paypal accepted.

electr-ohm (Kobe,Japan)

C.U.E.records (Kobe,Japan)

"International Live Looping Trio" official site

  Thank you

  Sunao Inami