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OT: Yamaha MagicStomp Multi-FX

Since this pedal, while not a looper, has come up in previous discussions, 
I just wanted to give people a quick heads-up:  There's currently a $40 
rebate offer for Yamaha's MagicStomp pedal until 31 Jan., 2005.  You can 
grab the rebate coupon at:


Of course, you don't have to actually purchase the product at Musician's 
Friend to receive the rebate (even if you download the rebate coupon from 
their servers).  I just ordered a MagicStomp from AMS for $139.95.  Taking 
the rebate into account gave me an effective price of ~$99 -- quite a bit 
lower than the $299 list.

For those of you not familiar, the MagicStomp is a "best of" pedal which 
steals algorithms and patches from Yamaha's previous UD-, DL-, & AG-Stomp 
boxes, and places them together with some of the patches from the newer 
SPX-series rackmount effects units.  More background at: 
http://www.magicstomp.com/ .


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