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Re: Fripp soundscapes and gear stuff

Where was the gig???? I didn't hear about this happening... :o(


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Sent: Sunday, November 14, 2004 7:49 PM
Subject: Fripp soundscapes and gear stuff

>     Just saw Robert Fripp doing his solo soundscapes these past two 
> nights.  At the end of the
> second night, he left his loopers (four TC2290's) running for about half 
> an hour while people
> slowly left the building.  As the loops went on, more and more clicking 
> noises became apparent.  I
> asked John Sinks (his tech) about it and he replied that this is a known 
> bug that has never been
> addressed.  The TC2290's are no longer being supported as the technology 
> has become too ancient.
> According to John, Robert will be switching to EDP's sometime in the 
> future.  Does this mean
> replacing his four 2290's with four EDP's?  I didn't get that clarified 
> though it sounded like it.
> Also, he'll be replacing his Eventides with the latest Eventide H8000. 
> This will allow 8 channel
> panning (plus a few other things...).
>     Robert played to supportive audiences of about 35-40 people each 
> night.  What a joy to see
> him at ease and not hiding in a darkly lit corner of the stage or 
> away from hungry
> autograph seekers.  He warmly welcomed people before the show started 
> was available for
> conversation afterwards.  I've been following his work for a number of 
> decades and this was by far
> the most ideal performance situation I've yet to see him in.
>          Stephen
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