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Re: newbie question on real-time computer looping

On Nov 15, 2004, at 5:29, Jared McQueen wrote:

> Does anyone know of a program that would let me loop in real-time, 
> using an external input like a MIDI controller? I feel that my ASIO 
> 2.0 sound card and fast computer can definitely handle it  there HAS 
> to be something out there that can do this.

I agree with wkramer1@students.depaul.edu that Ableton Live is cool. 
But it only does static looping, ie you record a loop and the software 
plays it back until you turn it off. I you want to do dynamic looping 
you have to open some looping/delay plug-in on an Ableton Live channel 
and use that plug-in to overdub layers of audio into the loop. The best 
looping plug-in I have found so far is Augustus Loop (OS X only). There 
is also the Lexicon PSP42, which is available for both Mac and PC but a 
little more CPU intensive and not so packed with cool features as 
Augustus Loop.

If you use an apple machine with OS X another cool combo is to open 
Augustus Loop in Numerology.. Numerology is a modular step sequencing 
software and when looping audio you can make use of the step sequences 
to set up patterns for filters, pitch etc of the loops. You can pretty 
much design your own "audio effect processor" and it can all be run in 
beat sync.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
http://www.looproom.com (international)
http://www.boysen.se (Swedish site)