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newbie question on real-time computer looping

Hey everyone, I’m new to the world of looping, but am very computer savvy.  I’ve recently been listening to Howie Day and Keller Williams and want to loop using a computer.


I just recently bought a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum.  Here are the specs:



Basically it’s a really nice ASIO 2.0 compatible sound card with lots of Ins and Outs.  It also has a MIDI controller on it.


I’ve been tooling around with various audio programs, notably real-time effects programs such as Native Instruments Guitar Rig, and other programs that support ASIO 2.0’s VST real-time effects.  Those programs are great (3 millisecond delay!!!! – not noticeable by human ear) but I wish to do real-time looping – controlled with a MIDI pedal.


Does anyone know of a program that would let me loop in real-time, using an external input like a MIDI controller?  I feel that my ASIO 2.0 sound card and fast computer can definitely handle it – there HAS to be something out there that can do this.


Thanks guys,



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