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Re: Yamaha MagicStomp Multi-FX

At 06:23 PM 11/14/2004, Paul wrote:
><< I just ordered a MagicStomp from AMS for $139.95. >>
>The website is advertising a $166.95 price. How did you get the lower 
>price? Price match with 'nother dealer?

Actually, no.  Straight off the website; no funny stuff or price matching 
whatsoever.  Wasn't a "special" or "sale" either.  Oh, and free shipping 

If you want to call 'em up and beat them over the head, they sold this one 
to me less than a week ago (late Thursday night, if I remember 
correctly).  Write me offline and I'll send my name and contact info -- 
even the order # if you like -- then you can ask them why they sold me one 
for that price, but they wanna gig you another $25 for the same thing.


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