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Re: OT need Axon help

At 20:40 15/11/04, you wrote:
>I have an Axon NGC-66 and wonder if there are other Axon users on this 
>who could give me some advice.
>Playing regular notes works ok but when I bend strings, make a glissando
>upward to another fret, or hammer with a finger of the left hand, the new
>pitch is not correctly recognized by the Axon. The resulting pitch is 
>too low, e.g. when I hammer a minor third upward from the current 
>the result is only one half note, or less. This seems to be independent of
>the sound module that I'm using (mostly, VST instruments, and currently an
>old Emax sampler).
>I'm sure there is a way to make the Axon work correctly but I don't
>understand how to do it.

hi Michael,
I have the Yamaha version of the Axon invention,
and it's possible to get the pitch-bend right on that.
Can't remember if the Axon has a relevant parameter,
but by adjusting the "pitch bend range" on your sound module it's
going to be possible to make it all work fine :-)

The Yamaha thing has a "Pitch Bend Range" in the
"Guitar Setup Parameters".
The parameters are each denoted by a letter of the alphabet,
the pitch range being "G"

Setting the pitch bend here sends a message to the sound module,
so I'd hope that fooling around with that will get the result you want.

andy butler