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mp3 download from Cambridge Loopfest, andybutler

There's some new audio to download at
A couple of pieces from my Cambridge Loopfest (2004) performance.

The audio comes from the microphone on a video camera,
so there's a certain amount of background noise (including my use of the 

...but this does show off some of the more extreme capabilities of the EDP.
....(although the main intention is just good music)

In "tripwire" a loop is built up out of evenly sized fragments,
then I halfspeed and overdub a simple figure which interlocks with itself
before exploring all the halfSpeed and reverse options

"hanging garden" starts out with a loop free introduction,
but then builds a simple 2 beat loop into a complex arrangement using 
Nextloop  and Overdub.

Thanks to Os for making this possible.

andy butler