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Re: drum machines/samplers

On Tue, 16 Nov 2004, Andy Morris wrote:

> hello, is there anyone that can suggest a good drum machine, rythym 
> of some sort within a reasonable price range, one that i can create my 
> beats with and manipulate them in real time, something that would be 
>easy to 
> use in a live performance and has  good sound to it? 

Korg ER1. If you want electornic wacky sounds there is none better. If
you're looking for realistic type things you'd probably be better off with
something like a Boss Dr Rhythm or Alesis SR16 but those don't have much
in the way of real time manipulations. 

Try the ER1 even if you don't think you'd lean towards electornic
sounds. You will not find an easier drum machine with more live control
anywhere near the price or capabilites.

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