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Re: drum machines/samplers

For that purpose, I would take a look at the Korg grooveboxes, depending 
on what style of music you want to play.  IMO, they kick ass over Roland's 
standard drum machines as far as live manipulation and instant 'fun' 

Take a look at the ER-1 and the ES-1, both are similar in layout and 
features, but the ES-1 is a sampler, and you can sample or load your own 
sounds into it via a smart media card.  That would take care of your 'good 
sounds' requirement.  The samples are at 32khz, so they lose a bit of air 
and sizzle off the top end, but I think it sounds pretty good, overall.

the ES-1 is also released as an upgraded Mk II version, that has better 
routing, construction and features, a valve output section, and samples at 
a higher quality.  It's also pretty pricey, at the moment.

the Mk I machines are plentiful on Ebay.

In fact, if you are interested in a mint condition ES-1, with SM card 
(32mb, I think), power supply, manual, and in the original 
packaging....drop me an email privately.  I'm selling mine.  If you are 
interested, look at what they are selling on ebay and make me a reasonable 

hope that helps,

> hello, is there anyone that can suggest a good drum machine, rythym 
> of some sort within a reasonable price range, one that i can create my 
> beats with and manipulate them in real time, something that would be 
>easy to 
> use in a live performance and has
> good sound to it? always looking for recommendations from fellow loopers.
> it's easier to trust your opinions that the ones they give on musician's
> friend, etc., thanks, andy