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Re: Left-handed Compliments From Off the Wall

On Nov 16, 2004, at 19:08, ArsOcarina@aol.com wrote:

>  Myself, I HAVE had my rare "WOW!" moments, but (painfully) 90% or
>  more of the time I'm just another hopeless punter and a bit of a 
> clueless
>  dweeb hoping against hope that the "muse" will one day mistakenly 
> strike
>  me again and that the next gig will be another one of those ones that
>  is truly, truly DIFFERENT.

This is pretty much the general conditions for anyone born as a human 

>  It's a little like being given the power of flight -- but only 
> intermittently
>  (and rarely at that). One day you soar, the next 10 you leap and fall
>  on your ass. Your ass hurts -- a lot.

I still don't think there's much of a difference for different people. 
Those who manage to get up high on the first try will only find a 
second sky to climb, and a third one, and then a fourth...  There is a 
certain  element of unique expression in all music and usually the last 
person to notice this element is the creator of the music. I was once 
working as a writer in a team and one day the project leader took me to 
visit one of the graphical designers. The designer was a very nice guy, 
now  working on a poster. He showed off his work and since I didn't 
think it was very good I  did not say much. But the project leader kept 
encouraging the designer and saying it was "so good". When we got out 
from on the street the project leader said to me "No matter how good 
they are, these creative people always think they suck big time. You 
have to constantly keep reminding them that they are great, 'cause if 
you forget to do so you will not get the best work from them". As time 
went by it appeared that the poster was actually good  and I even came 
to broaden my references to understand why.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
http://www.looproom.com (international)
http://www.boysen.se (Swedish site)