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Re: Echoplex v. Electrix

There's a crucial point though where a product gets seriously out of 
production and things like die parts get destroyed.  All-graphite 
Steinbergers (for example) are seriously Out Of Production because the 
molds for the graphite parts wear out after a while and the master molds 
for making new ones have deteriorated beyond the point of usability.  The 
cost to resume production on those things is prohibitive.  

With the EDP, I think it's more a matter of someone at Gibson 
greenlighting another run.  Although, since the design is eight or nine 
years old there may be some parts which are becoming difficult to find, 
but the EDP is such a small number item it may not be a pressing issue yet.

Yeah, living in Europe has its drawbacks at times.  The grey market seems 
to be the only solution there.  I'd have to disagree with "unavailable 
anywhere in the civilised world", unless you mean "new in box".  There's 
rarely more than a few days when one isn't on eBay.  There's one now for 
US$725.  A motivated person could find a way to get it Europe for a few 
hundred dollars.



>From: Ian Petersen <iep@mail.dk>
>To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>Subject: Re: Echoplex v. Electrix


>Whether 'out of production' or not, new EDPs are effectively 
>unavailable anywhere in the civilized world. As far as I know the last 
>EDPs were manufactured almost 2 years ago and most of that production 
>run has sat in a warehouse until a couple of months ago. Also, as far 
>as I can tell, none of those recently released machines can be had for 
>love or money anywhere in Europe.

>I reacted to your post because you said 'the EDP is in production 
>again'. To me 'again'  means 'has been out of production but is now 
>being actively manufactured and marketed in shops'. Sadly that is not 
>the case.

>Ian Petersen