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Re: Echoplex v. Electrix


> unless you mean "new in box"

Yes, I do mean "new in box". Call me a cissy, but if I'm going to spend 
that kind of money on a piece of kit (especially electronics designed 
ten years ago) I want a box and 2 years service guarantee. 

> There's rarely more than a few days when one isn't on eBay

The example you give is typical: Firstly if you look closely it says 
'Ships to: United States, Canada'. That ain't Europe last time I 
looked. Even if I could convince the seller to send it to Europe I 
still have to pay shipping plus toll duty plus 25% VAT (purchase tax). 
That's well over $1000 for a second hand beige-face EDP of unknown 
heritage with loop-3 software, no footpedal and no guarantee that it 
even will work for more than a week. Thanks, but no thanks. I'm 
motivated, but not that motivated!

And after all, why should I have to go through all this? The EDP is NOT 
officially discontinued or out of production. I should be able to walk 
into any Gibson dealer in the world and buy one off the shelf, or at 
least order one and have it within a week!


  Ian Petersen