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away with mirrors..

PERSPECTIVE... thats to point,  YOU are ON stage, audience are off stage. YOU play badly that night, THEY have driven for an hour or 2 to be there?
I used to get very down after bad shows, (or DURING bad shows) then I realised that usually no one noticed, it slightly depends on the type of music, but I don't think there are many people in audiences who judge a band but the number of bum notes.
It is by the feel, the atmosphere, the creativity and the honesty ot the performers. Technical abillity is SOO boring..and I believe that often that is the problem with non-pro musicians.. they have too long to practice and practice, wheras Pro guys are often worse musicians (thrown into the limelight by a freak record review, a cool TV spot, or lucky support tour) but they often have a "certain something", aggresion, melencholy, new-thing, that just "works". 
I totally disagree with the recent poster on this topic that said that stoned/drunk people suck.. er.. have you seen the history of Rock and Roll?  Beatles, Stones, Hendrix, Floyd, Zep, Pistols, Waits, Cave, Mary Chain, to cut (chop up, line up and snort) the tip off the tip of the iceberg. 
Robert Smith of the Cure told me once that he liked fucking up once in a while, and encouraged situations where it might happen, like playing occasional small shows (much more scary for Pro musicians than the Stadium, cos you can SEE the audience) or surprising the band by playing a song longer, or cutting a verse suddenly, and that he often used the "If you play a bum note, play it again, and again, till its er... Jazz! method of climbing out of a embarrasing moment. ..and the reviews read.. " during blah blah blah the band proved themselves as great musicians by going off into a few bars of spontaneous free form jazz, before snapping back to order after... bla bla bla bla bla"
To get back to looping, if you devide looping into 3 main and extrmely broad approaches, the filmic ambient soundscape, the back beat - play with yourself tool and finally the Glitch chop n snip brigade... Which EVER type we are, you know what we are ALL very used to???
OH MY F###ing GOD!! I dunno... I hate it ... I take eveything back that I just said, I need to practice and take less drugs... forget I ever said anything, delete this mail..
mark francombe
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