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Re: away with mirrors..

mark francombe wrote:
> To get back to looping, if you devide looping into 3 main and extrmely 
> broad approaches, the filmic ambient soundscape, the back beat - play 
> with yourself tool and finally the Glitch chop n snip brigade... Which 
> EVER type we are, you know what we are ALL very used to???
> OH MY F###ing GOD!! I dunno... I hate it ... I take eveything back that 
> I just said, I need to practice and take less drugs... forget I ever 
> said anything, delete this mail..
I know I haven't been looping for more than a few months now, but I 
*love* the bum notes that loop. My music has been taking a slightly more 
dangerous, spontaneous turn lately, and the f**kups that loop only 
remind me of the futility of it all. Recording straight to 2-track is 
also a great way of commiting to your performance, which I as an 
electronic musician am not very used to...
Another good thing is that on the final recording, if you hear repeating 
bum notes, then you kinda get the idea that this is all happening on the 

The scary bit is that bum notes throw me off track, and I have to deal 
with it - often resulting in either some seriously lofi or dubby music ;)