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Australopithecus fusionensis

Title: Australopithecus fusionensis

Here is a new format of sharing songs I'd like to try…suggestions from the group on how to improve are welcome! It's sort of a song "datasheet".

SONG: Australopithecus fusionensis
CD: 1/6 (still in prototype stage)

GENRES / STYLES: Jazz fusion, free-style, improvisational
GEAR: PRS McCarty jazz archtop guitar, two EDPs, Boss SX-700 rackmount effects processor, Boss GT-3 floor effects processor, DigiDesign mBox and Pro Tools LE

URL: http://zed.cbc.ca/action.ZeD?action=watch&CONTENT_ID=193609&type=acquisitionCMS
ALT URL 1: http://www.soundclick.com/util/Streamm3u.m3u?ID=1806940&q=hi (click or cut and paste into browser)
ALT URL 2: http://static.zed.cbc.ca/users/k/khartung/files/Australopithecus.fusionensis.mp3
EFFECTS: Ring modulator, chorus, delay, reverb, octave
TECHNIQUES: All real-time looping; odd time signature groove established in the beginning with the ring modulator and ethereal tones; free jazz solo improvisation to end of song

ARTIST WEBSITE: http://www.krispenhartung.com