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Re: PC minidisc drive

--- Bohus Blahut <bohus@xnet.com> wrote:

>     I dimly remember seeing these, but I was under
> the impression that 
> they were for Sony's attempt to make MD's viable for
> data.  I would 
> prefer to know that they did audio too.  :)

Yep, and some (not all) of the internal models can
even  function as standalone (audio) MD players
through your computer's speakers without even having
to have your OS booted up. To interface with your PC
functions, the  drive is a direct digital connection
as opposed to having to hook up cables, and with the
software package there are options for highspeed
transfer. I'm pretty sure the bundle that comes with
the USB externals does the same thing, but I don't
really want to buy one.

Although....... hmmmm, point to ponder..... I *have*
been considering adding a laptop to my looping rig,
and a USB external could be used with EITHER computer
rather than being dedicated to just the desktop.
Something to consider. 

>     Wow.  What are you transferring that you'd need
> all that gear? 

I *don't* need all that gear for the transfer, that's
the point. However, the MD decks I use for sample
playback are mounted IN the 8 space rack, so unless I
want to tear apart the rack whenever I need to record
onto one of the decks from the PC (even more of a
pain) the whole thing travels as a unit.


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