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Re: PC minidisc drive

Tim Nelson wrote:

>Almost, except not as an external unit. I used to see
>them on eBay all the time, basically a minidisc drive
>that fits a standard PC drive slot (much like a CD-RW
>drive would, except in a different format) with a
>software bundle that allows editing of the minidisc
    I dimly remember seeing these, but I was under the impression that 
they were for Sony's attempt to make MD's viable for data.  I would 
prefer to know that they did audio too.  :)

>I don't really *need* one, but setting up an 8 space
>rack next to my computer every time I want to transfer
>samples is a major drain of creative energy.
    Wow.  What are you transferring that you'd need all that gear?  When 
I xfer from my MD, I just use an MR-37 portable and a Mackie mixer that 
permanently hooked up to the computer.  Is it because you want to use 
rack gear for EQ'ing, compressing, etc?  Just curious.

    I also wish that there were some nice solution for zippy upload to 
the PC.  I know that there is now, but I have dozens upon dozens of 
discs of stuff that I recorded off the radio that I want to convert to 
MP3 so I can re-use the MD's.  I just don't foresee having hundreds of 
hours of free computer time available in the near future to make this 
happen.  I'll be interested to find out what you learn.

     Bohus Blahut
 (BOH-hoosh BLAH-hoot)

   modern filmmaker