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RE: Australopithecus fusionensis

Yes, that 2MB restriction dissuaded me as well. What would be cool is if
you could post a link to an MP3, rather than upload a file. I saw that
you could post a link, but I'm assuming the program downloads the file
for you?

I agree, I wish I knew what other loopers were in the North West,
besides you and Ted.  It would be nice to know if there were another
frequent poster besides myself here in Idaho or Boise.


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The 2MB file size limit may be the reason (not that I blame Kim for
wanting to keep his hosting filesize under control).  I think most
people just handle the hosting on their own website.  Personally, I'm
not going to bother to chop down a piece, or re-encode it at some low
bit-rate to make it fit 2MB.

On a tangentally related note, I wish the loopers of the world list
could by sorted by geographical location, since I'm more prone to be
interested in stuff that's happening close to me that I might be able to
check out live.  


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>Subject: RE: Australopithecus fusionensis

>Thanks, Doug. I recall seeing this now several months ago....too bad 
>it's not used more.