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Loops curative/restful powers

Last night I was really tired after a very full weekend.  I attempted to
practice my classical piano, looking at the clock, anticipating some 
hour" to crawl off to bed, as it was still early in the evening.  I was
trashed, hardly able to keep my eyes open.

Decided to move over into loop-dom via keyboards/Repeater.  Laid down some
percussion.  Raw.  Then the tones of low, chordal, lead.  Played a
counter-lead on flute.

Some Muse in the recesses of my mind freshly sprang forth, and long after 
anticipated bedtime, I was able to finally head off to sleep...walking, not
crawling!   Looping can have such cool meditative/restorative powers!

btw, this isn't a blanket statement about classical music!  I dig the
intricacies of the study, indeed...but life longs for variety for