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MIDI Mitigator vs PMC-10

Richard Zvonar wrote:

The Mitigator is a relatively "dumb" controller in that it won't send
different messages on switch down/switch up or alternate messages on
subsequent switch pressings (the sort of functionality that distinguishes
the PMC-10). 

---->Having owned both, that feature is the main difference--I didn't like
the 'Gator footswitches, but they are robust.
Other differences are pedals in a bank (5 vs 9) and slots for patches (I
forget, but the PMC has more)--also the incredible software editing program
Raymond for the PMC (by that Echevarria guy, list member).
And the 'Gator only has one CC pedal jack (vs 2), but since the PMC seems 
be ridiculously scarce, I thought it worth pointing out that this
alternative is currently available on ebay.  It might be in real good shape
One more time--