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Re: MIDI Mitigator vs PMC-10

At 9:53 AM -0800 11/22/04, Gary Lehmann wrote:

>---->Having owned both, that feature is the main difference--I didn't like
>the 'Gator footswitches, but they are robust.
>Other differences are pedals in a bank (5 vs 9) and slots for patches (I
>forget, but the PMC has more)--also the incredible software editing 
>Raymond for the PMC (by that Echevarria guy, list member).
>And the 'Gator only has one CC pedal jack (vs 2), but since the PMC seems 
>be ridiculously scarce, I thought it worth pointing out that this
>alternative is currently available on ebay.  It might be in real good 

These are pertinent points, and I agree with them all.

In my experience the PMC-10 is much harder to find than the 
Mitigator, though both are as scarce as chicken's lips.  I've bought 
two Mitigators (one of which needed a new battery) and one PMC-10 
(which was missing one of the plastic end caps and had one broken 
switch). This is probably typical. You are more likely to find a 
Mitigator in good condition than a PMC-10, due to the robust 
construction of the former and the frailty of the latter.

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202