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Re: MIDI Mitigator Pedal for sale on ebay

 > The Mitigator is a relatively "dumb" controller in that it won't send
 > different messages on switch down/switch up

While not as powerful as the PMC, switches can be configured in
"keyboard" mode where they will send Note Ons when the switch is
pressed and Note Offs when the switch is released.  This allows you to
control the SUS functions of the EDP for example.

It is very sturdy, but the switches are also difficult to activate
without shoes.  I've had one for many years but never really used
it because of the switch tension.  I've heard that if you glue a
little rubber bumper on them they're easier to activate.

I reverse engineered the sysex format and wrote a crude editor several
years ago.  I can't build it any more, but I'll be happy to provide the
source code as an example if anyone is interested.