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Re: MIDI Mitigator Pedal for sale on ebay

At 12:48 PM -0600 11/22/04, Jeff Larson wrote:

>While not as powerful as the PMC, switches can be configured in
>"keyboard" mode where they will send Note Ons when the switch is
>pressed and Note Offs when the switch is released.  This allows you to
>control the SUS functions of the EDP for example.

I didn't realize that.

>It is very sturdy, but the switches are also difficult to activate
>without shoes.  I've had one for many years but never really used
>it because of the switch tension.  I've heard that if you glue a
>little rubber bumper on them they're easier to activate.

It's also possible to remove the heavy-duty rubber switch covers in 
order to access the switches themselves. This facilitates unshod 

>I reverse engineered the sysex format and wrote a crude editor several
>years ago.  I can't build it any more, but I'll be happy to provide the
>source code as an example if anyone is interested.

That would probably be useful.

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202