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Re: MIDI Mitigator Pedal for sale on ebay

Bill Edmondson wrote:
> Please, please send the source! I've got a midigator (paid $150 about 5
> years ago) and would love to have an editor!

I posted some files to the RFC-1 Yahoo group awhile ago:


rfc-sysex.txt has a description of the dump format, rfc-sysex.c
has code to convert between the binary dump and a C memory model.
It isn't an editor, but one could be built on top of it.  I had
code that would convert the binary dump to a text file that could
be edited, then converted back, but unfortunately I can't find it.

> Can you elaborate on the rubber bumper idea? I've have a similar
> experience with the footswitches.

Get a small rubber "knob" of some sort, like the ones you can
screw on the bottom of a chair leg, or the feet that glue onto
the bottom of electronic equipment.  Something that already comes
with an adhesive backing is best.  It probably needs to be at least
1/4 inch thick.  Glue this to the center of an RFC switch.  This
focuses the pressure directly on the membrane switch underneath.
I would use a soft rubbery substance rather than hard plastic to
avoid damaging the membrane switch if you stomp on it too hard.

I have not tried this, but other members of the RFC group say it works.