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Re: artists as outsiders

"you're not an artist unless you sell"
 ... v.vangogh

> Theo VanGogh,Vincent's brother was an established art boker in
> Paris,Vincent's outsider status was because he was just too weird for his
> contemporaries, no matter how hard Theo tried they didn;t buy his art
> because they didn't like it.He wasn't really unschooled,he went throught 
> same stages of developing his figure drawing ,his control of
> line,perspective, depth, mass contrast etc that he would have practiced 
> Academy. You can see this developement if you look at his drawings in
> Chronological order.He did the same with control of brush and paint,and 
> mixing of colors. There is eveidence that towards the end when he was 
> the edge he was eating his paints and poisoning himself.His one painting
> sold was to his doctor. Correspodance of the VanGogh bros.has been 
> under the title Dear Theo.
> Not all artists are outsiders,not all outsiders are artists