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RE: artists as outsiders

   Theo VanGogh,Vincent's brother was an established art boker in 
Paris,Vincent's outsider status was because he was just too weird for his 
contemporaries, no matter how hard Theo tried they didn;t buy his art 
because they didn't like it.He wasn't really unschooled,he went throught 
same stages of developing his figure drawing ,his control of 
line,perspective, depth, mass contrast etc that he would have practiced in 
Academy. You can see this developement if you look at his drawings in 
Chronological order.He did the same with control of brush and paint,and 
mixing of colors. There is eveidence that towards the end when he was over 
the edge he was eating his paints and poisoning himself.His one painting 
sold was to his doctor. Correspodance of the VanGogh bros.has been 
under the title Dear Theo.
Not all artists are outsiders,not all outsiders are artists