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Re: (OT) Guitar Amp Pro - software guitar rig in Logic (+ looping option)

On Nov 23, 2004, at 18:37, Neil Goldstein wrote:

> Thanks for the tip. Nice tones! And nice work!

Oops - just a sound-check!   "plug n play" music cranked out in a hurry 
to demo different guitar sounds available by that software amp sim. Did 
it for a mag review of the amp sim. BTW did I mention that it was 
recorded with a Stratocaster directly cabled into the sound-card? 
Remarkable IMO with special address to the heavy "metal" sound. Not a 
musical style I have ever played or will, and certainly not with single 
coils ;-D   My personal interest in this is that a Powerbook may now be 
a quite decent live amp - not only for guitar. I've been playing around 
a little with using a powrebook with Ableton Live as the stage live 
mixer/patchbay for Echoplex/sax/vocal/guitar. But it all came out a bit 
too have on the poor G4 processor. Although I have not tested it out 
fully yet I guess Logic Pro 7 should be able to provide a more 
cpu-friendly software base.